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Home Working


The right type of business can be run very effectively from home. It’s a good way to save on expenditure such as renting an office or unit and can be one way to build a business whilst employed elsewhere or in the early stages of development when outgoings are on a tight budget. In some situations you may also gain from some tax incentives which may allow you to offset part of the costs of running your business against profits. This is something your accountant can advise you on in more detail. Building the business from home has obvious advantages and being home-based means you can fit work around your other responsibilities, work the hours that suit you best, and so on. One of the draw backs to this is that it’s very easy to be distracted by other things around you. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can watch a bit of TV and then back to work for example as next thing you know you may lose focus on the business issues.

It’s a good idea if your running your business from home to treat the working area like you would if you were to enter an office in a large company. You should be firmly focused that you are starting work at regular periods and not fall into the trap of being distracted easily by non business issues during the designated working times.

Building a business from home is not for everyone, you need good self discipline and a strong desire to work independently. If you’re on your own working it can be a lonely place and as such you also need strong independent working skills. If you live in rented accommodation don’t forget you might need permission from your landlord before you will be allowed to operate a business from home. In some cases they may refuse you permission to do it. They have to think about other tenants and also if you could cause a nuisance to neighbours or cause excessive noise or access problems to the property amongst other possible issues. Once you have decided that you want to build your business from home you should decide how much space in your home you need for it. Some business ideas can be run from a small corner of your living room or in other cases using another room as an office may be preferable. You can buy specialist books from most major book stores on this subject if you want a further insight into building your business from home. Should you decide to go ahead and build your business from home always think about the self discipline issue and think carefully if this is for you.

Whilst working your business from home brings the flexibility working issues with it obviously this does not come without cost, you need to be firmly focussed on your business plan and objectives at all times whilst working in this way to hopefully gain the full success in the area that you may seek.

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