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Did you know many of the best jobs never get advertised?

The process of recruiting has evolved over many years and is constantly changing. Most employers these days know exactly what they are looking for in a candidate; their job skills, experience, personality, salary expectation, geographical location and many more factors come into play when sourcing new employees.

Because time is so precious to employers, HR managers, consultants and the like and the whole recruitment process can be a long and time consuming process it has become popular for both employers and agencies to simplify the process of attracting the right candidate for the job in the least amount of time. This is done in several different ways but predominantly by using sites like ours to search the database of people who have registered their details into the CV Bank for specific types of job criteria. This means all new CV’s that are registered are automatically sent to each registered employer on a daily basis. By registering your details for a specific job you would like it means that in addition to searching for thousands of new jobs that are posted on the site each day you can sit back and may be approached for the jobs that aren’t posted or advertised in the newspapers.

So You’re Worried About Privacy and Don’t Want Your Current Boss

Knowing Your Looking For A New Job!!

Absolutely understandable!! And that is why this is number one priority to protect customers privacy. Most systems will automatically remove your details relating to name, address and telephone number before the CV is available for searching and dispatch. All the employer can view is a profile of an anonymous person, if they like the look of your details and think you might be suitable for the position they can contact you by email using an internal email system.

*Please do remember if you upload your own CV it is advisable to remove your personal details yourself.

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