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Graduate Zone

This section is packed full of useful information for those looking to get involved within the legal profession. We have focused on providing articles for those making the first steps into studying for a legal qualification and the implications involved through to advice and real life experiences for those qualified graduates still deciding which areas to advance within.

Some of the information found here has been submitted by those with experience of having worked within the legal sector and contributions have also been made by the Wolverhampton Law School.

If you would like to contribute to this sector or have any comments to make please contact us in the first instance by sending us your contact details here.

First foot on the career ladder - Gaining the right Legal Qualifications

Qualifying as a Solicitor or Barrister
The routes to qualification for law graduates, non law graduates and non graduates plus information re training, financial considerations and obtaining work experience.

Pro bono opportunities at the University of Wolverhampton
Information on pro bono opportunities for students at the Wolverhampton Law School kindly detailed and supplied by Louise Costello, University of Wolverhampton.

Starting Out in your Career - After the qualifications, where next? 

Choosing a Specialism
How early should you specialise in your career? Should you choose commercial work or private client? An overview of what to expect in different specialisations.

Does size matter?
Law firms come in many sizes – what is the best firm for you? What are the differences between large and small firms and the advantages and disadvantages?

Partnership - to be or not to be?
It’s the ultimate aim of many lawyers but is it right for everyone? An examination of the financial and non financial considerations plus choosing the right firm, different types of partnership and the potential for multi disciplinary partnerships.

Flexible working in the Law
Does the traditional long hour’s culture of many law firms accommodate those who wish to work part time or flexibly? A consideration of the various options.

Career Spotlight - Focus on what that particular legal job entails?

So you want to be an In House Lawyer?
A consideration of the types of work undertaken by in house lawyers and their potential employers.

Day in the life of an Employment Lawyer
An overview of an average day for an employment lawyer in a national firm.

Who wants to be a Professional Support Lawyer?
Increasingly larger firms are recruiting professional support lawyers - an outline of the role of a PSL and what firms look for when recruiting a PSL.

Day in the life of a Family Lawyer
An overview of an average day for a family lawyer in a large regional practice.

So you want to become a Legal Executive?
Informative article based on the career of a graduate legal executive kindly detailed by Imran Awan, Lecturer in Law at the University of Wolverhampton.

Advice for CV Writing, tips, covering letters and more

Legal CV tips
CV layout, information on what to include and what not to include, covering letters, tailoring CV’s and what law firms are looking for.

Legal Interview Techniques
From the first steps to tricky questions, negotiations, second interviews and that perfect presentation.