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Legal News

July 2008

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Penna: Firms struggling to apply cross-cultural recruitment


Human resources advisory group Penna has claimed many firms are struggling to apply cross-cultural recruitment methods.Its research found 57 per cent do not have adequate cross-border assessments and ...

HR Boss: New employment law could increase disputes


A leading human resources boss has warned new employment legislation could lead to increased disputes.Robert Ingram, HR director of global outsourcing at IT provider Capgemini, has claimed the ...

Workers more worried about job losses


Workers are increasingly worried about job losses, according to the Employee Advisory Resource (EAR), has reported.It said there has been a 27 per cent increase in redundancy related calls, ...

Govt calls for organised fit fight


Health secretary Alan Johnson has called on employers, retailers and local authorities to join in a new fight against obesity.He told think-tank, The Fabian Society, the government cannot achieve its ...

Big businesses stick to green initiatives


Big businesses are sticking to their green promises despite economic woes, eco-advisor The Carbon Trust has revealed.It noted they have refused to let the issue drop and are pushing ahead with ...

Lord chancellor announces Legal Services Board


The lord chancellor, Jack Straw, has announced the appointment of the new Legal Services Board.It has been established to act as a single independent oversight regulator of legal jobs and services in ...

Workers keep pay personal


UK workers prefer to keep details of their personal pay to themselves, a new poll has found.It revealed many are reluctant to share the information with their families and some would even consider ...

Poor workplace rehabilitation keeps workers on sick


Poor workplace rehabilitation is stopping government efforts to get sick workers back into jobs, a new report has claimed.The study, by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), ...

11,000 jobs could go


A change of plan by the US government could see more than 11,000 British jobs threatened.The Pentagon has pulled out of a deal with aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, to provide tankers to the US Air ...

Unions call for more information


Unite, the public services union, has called for union representatives to be allowed to see environmental impact information.Its survey of 10,000 members revealed nearly all (83 per cent) believed ...

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